How To Measure for culottes, skorts or skirts

We encourage you to call if you have any question about ordering. We cut and sew these garments to the size ordered, so it is important that you follow the instructions below. It will take about two weeks for your clothing to arrive after you place your order, so please plan ahead and order early!

1. Start with your young lady's height. Use her height to choose the correct size category (Girl's, Juniors, Misses, etc.) on the  'Choose a Category' page.

It is normal for some girls to have a larger hip measurement for their height. For these girls, you would use the Girl's Plus Size Category to order.

2. Measure around the low hip. This will be around the fullest part of their bottom or where they sit. Please do not use the hip bone for this measurement.

3. Using the size category chart from Step 1, Look for the hip measurement on the size chart. using the line marked 'Low Hip'. It is important to use the low hip measurements. Using anything else will give you an incorrect fit.

4. The best way to measure the waist is to have your daughter put on a skirt or culotte with an elastic waistband. Have her put the waistband where it is most comfortable for her and where she normally wears her waistbands. Measure around where the elastic is. 

This is her waist measurement. The waist measurement should be towards the middle of the waist range on the size chart. 

5. Check the length measurement on the chart for that size. This is the length from the top of the waistband to the hem of the garment or where you would like for it to come.  You will be able to add extra length when you place your order on the website.

You will find a size chart with the lengths of the garment on each product page in the catregory you choose. 

6. Call if you have any questions about getting the right size. Our number is 856-336-8945 or 609.923.1167 and we encourage you to call before ordering. We want you to get the size that is right for your student and be happy with your purchase.